Saturday, September 26, 2009

A few questions with Savageman winner Bjorn Andersson

Follow Bjorn's recent victory at the Savageman Half we caught up with him for a few quick questions (photos courtesy of Fredrik Ivansson)

1) You just won savageman. how well does the name describe the race and what makes you more of a Savage than the next man?

It certainly describes the race very well as the bike course is brutal and while the run is not quite as bad it's certainly not easy either.

2) Your resume shows you tend to excel in some of the more challenging triathlon courses - wildflower, half ironman uk and most notably the insanely difficult Norseman. Is this the swedish way?

To be honest I'm a bit too heavy for the most hilly courses to be ideal for me but they do break up the packs on the bike which is good for me. Apart from that I just enjoy doing something different like Norseman every once in a while.

3) Your known as an "uber" biker with many a course record but your vistories have shown you also have a very solid run and fast swim. Where do you see your strengths and how does this translate into you approach to racing?
The swim/bike combo is obviously my strength while my run is mostly quite bad. That makes my strategy quite obvious as I need to make the most of those two disciplines and try to hang on as best I can during the run segment. It has worked well in some instances though there are plenty of times it hasn't as well. I'm working on making it work a bit more often of course.

4) You have ridden sub 2hrs at clearwater and we KNOW that is with your own nose into the wind throughout. Will you be going back this year to see if you can beat that?

I'm going back there this year even though the pack riding situation that usually seem to happen there doesen't really suit me. But since I haven't had the best of seasons so far I wanted to make it a bit longer by adding that race. My hopes are to go a bit faster on the bike and much faster on the run than last time hopefully and see where that lands me.

5) Fellow Swede Clas Bjorling just won SOS, an unconventional Triathlon known for not only being extremely challenging but also for its phenomenal post race feast. Is there a chance we might see you give this race a shot in the future?

Since I first heard about it I have wanted to do it so I hope it fits in my schedule sometime. Seems like a fun race for sure.

6) Finally and most importantly, we know that you and Rappstar have been trading back and forth the title for "King of the Hill" at the Slowtwitch Ranch. Tell us about the climb, the watts you put out and who has the current crown? Also, what are the chances of us seeing a Rappstar versus Bjorn head to head on the climb??

The climb is a bit over 11miles with about a 6% average grade. It starts at about 4500feet above sea level I I think so the air is getting pretty thin at the top of it. I actually don't quite remember what my best time or power is since it was a while ago I did it as a max effort. The way the Rappstar is going right now I think he'd kick my ass up the climb if we went head to head at the moment actually. Maybe I need to start eating more bacon..

Bacon! the universal answer to all nutrition issues!

Thanks for taking the time and best wishes for Clearwater

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